Fashion Robinson Best For Men the 2012th # the 1st [Robinson Chiangmai].

26 Oct 2012: Fashion show "Robinson Best For Men" # 1 "Robinson Thailand" invites you young updated fashion trends, the hottest.Parade Collection.  Robinson Department Store Chiang Mai fashion trendsetters.
Latest  menswear  fashion . The big  "Robinson Best For Men"  event  for  fashion  enthusiastic. Clothing from leading brands. You can mix and match to suit every lifestyle opportunities as Luke casual chic. Join the hottest fashion trends, such as  Cheq, Camel Active, Santa Barbara, Crocodile, US. Polo, S'Fare Casualist, Pacific Union, Giordano, S'Fare Business, Bowling, Pierre Cardin, Emilio Valentino,G2000, Cl,. Arrow, Excellency, John Langford, Guy Laroche, Dapper, Ltd, Fox, Playboy, Guy Laroche, Jockey Casual, Giffini, and GQ

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