CL, Giffini Weekday Downtown Weekend Outbound Winter Fashion 2011

pleasuring the new-gen male, full-pack of high quality men ware  have been showcased to update fashion trend.  CL also  inspired the metro-ideologist by her Modern and Simplicity design which could certainly   blend the white collar platform with unique casualness.
This  ‘City Elegance’ when matching with ‘Casual Business’ could  thus furnishing the vivid inspiration of fashion design into the latest ‘Glove-Fitting’ or Slim-fit  style long pant and shirt.Giffini also highlighted “The leisure at its best” concept as the chic- luxury brand. The Winter collection 2011 are aspired to unveil the relaxing sea beach envisions. White, red, blue, orange and violet colour tone are provided for ‘Mix & Match’.On the event the Thai’s top model and leading actors/actresses are pleasantly welcomed, mentioning .etc

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